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Several Affordable Monthly Plans starting from $4.99 per month
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Save Money with Unlimited calling to U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and UK.

The system will reduce your expenses while increasing your business productivity and efficiency!

Article provided by: NC Smart Call

Short Call Software

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Purchasing a Short Call Software Program:

Mistake #1: Thinking that all platforms are basically alike. Technology is rapidly advancing, and many so-called leaders in the industry are being left behind. NC Smart Call is ahead of the crowd in its ability to automate communication between a company’s schedule and your healthcare facility’s staff. That means less time between a shift being made available and your employees’ being able to claim a shift. With manual shift designation taking almost 30 minutes to perform, 4-minute automated shift acceptance is a huge step in the right direction for any company interested in saving company resources. NC Smart Call can streamline your scheduling and give you back more time to focus on your patients.

Mistake #2: Failing to see the value in a quality software program. Skimping on short call software is like failing to see the trees for the forest. NC Smart Call will save your healthcare facility a significant amount of money on an annual basis. Estimate your cost savings per year by clicking on the blue ‘Estimate Your Savings!’ button and filling out some basic information about your facility. It’s not uncommon for healthcare facilities with as few as 25 employees to save more than a thousand dollars per year in staffing alone. Find out how much you can save now, just by visiting NCSmartCall.com.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to find out what the bottom line is. Cost compare your current scheduling app with NC Smart Call and any other software you come across and you’ll quickly discover one product is superior to its competition. NC Smart Call is a system wide product that is able to communicate available shifts to more than 18 thousand employees. In fact, in 2017 alone, 7,500 additional Canadian healthcare staff members will start using NC Smart Call to receive notifications that shifts are available for them to fill. As the most affordable, reliable short call software available today, NC Smart Call is simply the only way to go.

Mistake #4: Taking a company at its word, rather than relying on real client testimonials and reviews. We invite you to take your research to the Web, where you’ll find a long and growing list of satisfied clients eager to share their experiences with you regarding NC Smart Call. We’re certain you’ll find theirs to be the last word in establishing a positive reputation for NC Smart Call. If you’d like to see the software in action, feel free to schedule a demonstration of NC Smart Call’s short call software by clicking on the ‘Book a Demo Today’ link. Simply fill in your contact information or call a specialist at 888-210-0160.

Feel free to visit the website and have a look around. Check out everything included with NC Smart Call’s software and decide for yourself whether it warrants a closer look. When you’re ready to get in touch with an expert from the company, reach out- they’ll be waiting.

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